Mushrooms and Nutrition

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July 3, 2017

Mushrooms and Nutrition

Hello Mushroom-Lovers,

mushrooms-756406_640Mushrooms are one of those “love them or hate them” types of indulgences.  Although low on the nutrition scale, many people enjoy the extra tang they add to various dishes.  As you satiate your hunger for the fruity body of fungus, here are a few factoids for you to follow, to ensure you enjoy them safely.

1. Yes, as just alluded to, mushrooms are a form of fungus (in German, the word for mushroom and the word for fungus are the same – Pilz).  Because of their fungus classification, mushrooms need to be handled with caution in terms of cooking and storing.

2. Again, due to the fungus classification, mushrooms should never be eaten raw – instead enjoy them cooked.  To eat a raw mushroom is to invite an unpleasant digestive experience. Enough said.

3. Yet again, because of mushroom’s fungus-ness, they should never be kept as leftovers.  In the fridge, their spores will proliferate dramatically, and re-cooking mushrooms again invites the possibility (nay, likelihood), of spending some uncool time in the bathroom.

For your next pizza order, sliced tomatoes instead of ‘shrooms?

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