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Discover Facial Acupuncture in Vaughan, Toronto & the GTA

Start Looking Younger Today!
Registered Acupuncturist. 8+ Years Exp.

  • Reduce signs of facial aging
  • Natural alternative to chemical injections
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Naturally boost collagen
  • Leave your face glowing
  • Hundreds of men and women treated

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Tired of feeling heavy and bloated?

Let’s Get Rid of the Bloat! – $105 (special rate)

We can help you get back your energy and improve your digestion.

Let us guide you on the right foods to reduce and eliminate digestive bloating. Be amazed – small, easy food habits can make a big difference in helping you to feel energized again!
We discuss, explain and guide you on smart, healthy digestive habits – what to eat, what to avoid & why.

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Afraid of Needles?

Try Laser Acupuncture! - Save $20

Get the benefits of acupunture! Cold Laser stimulation is quick, sterile and painless by nature.

Scar tissue: Laser acupuncture increases collagen production to accelerate healing of post-operative scarring.

Inflammation contributing to Tendinitis (of the shoulder, neck, knee, ankle, etc), and joint stiffness.

Sharp Pains (lumbar pain, pulled muscles) & Chronic Pains (osteoarthritis)

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More than just nutrition and acupuncture in Vaughan & the GTA

Why Us?

Established in 2007, at Essential Balance Holistic Health our aim is to help EVERYONE experience a higher level of health with Nutrition and Acupuncture in Vaughan, Toronto and the GTA. We are highly experienced in assisting with the following conditions:

  • Everything related to fertility – helping couples get pregnant, assisting during the pregnancy, correcting breech babies, supporting lactation, restarting the menstrual cycle after giving birth
  • Pain – helping with migraines, headaches, joint pains, improving joint mobility, arthritis, pain associated with auto-immune conditions
  • Digestive issues – acid reflux, stomach pain, colitis, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, constipation, hemorrhoids
  • How to eat – virtual nutrition sessions for those looking for help with sport nutrition, family nutrition, weight maintenance, cleansing / detoxes, vegan and plant-based food regimes, smart keto lifestyle, and more
  • Mental health – anxiety, panic attacks, depression, mood swings
  • Acupuncture facelift – using acupuncture to stimulate the facial muscles and skin to improve skin elasticity, collagen and tone to reduce fine lines & wrinkles and create a more youthful look
  • Iridology – a non-invasive health assessment by looking at the shapes and colours of the iris
  • We help with so much more – corporate wellness, cellulite treatments, cupping sessions, moxa treatments and more
Each service is customized to your unique needs


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