We help your growing family every step of the way!
From fertility, preconception and pregnancy nutrition, to kids and teens eating healthy, at Essential Balance we can help create a tailor-made family and child nutrition program that works for you.

Starting a family?
Although we are happy to help your family, at any stage, ideally, a couple should begin their nutrition planning at the pre-conception phase. This will ensure your family is at its healthiest from the start.

Eileen Fauster is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), and Kirsten Colella is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) offering holistic fertility, pregnancy, and child nutrition in Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, GTA, Woodbridge and Vaughan.

We will hold your hand through...
preconception, to pregnancy, to early childhood.

Core Strengths

  • Fertility
  • Natural Birth Preparation
  • Gradual Baby Led Weaning
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Picky Eaters
  • Children with ASD, ADD or ADHD
  • Children with Developmental Delay
  • Children with Sensory Issues
  • PMS in Teens
  • Anxiety in Children and Teens

Fertility, Pregnancy & Child Nutrition in Toronto

While we can customize a plan to fit your family’s needs, we recommend six sessions to carry you through this journey.

Session 1: Pre-conception Cleanse
Session 2: Fertility Diet
Session 3: First Trimester: Dealing with symptoms and Early Pregnancy Diet
Session 4: Third Trimester: Nutrition Assessment and Labour Preparation
Session 5: 0-3 Months: Nutrition for Mom and Baby
Session 6: Over 6 months: Solids Introduction

*Sessions do not need to be purchased as a package, however, we can provide special pricing if you would like to purchase multiple sessions together.

Pre-conception & Fertility Nutrition in Toronto

Many couples today struggle with fertility and often look to in-vitro fertilization as their only solution. While IVF is an amazing technological advancement, it is both costly and invasive and not always available to everyone. It is also not always necessary, and natural options should be explored first. Simple lifestyle changes can allow the shift in hormones your body needs for conception.
What We Will Do:
  1. Evaluate the dietary intake of both partners
  2. Design a custom pre-conception detoxification plan, if needed
  3. Design a custom fertility-boosting nutrition plan
  4. Assess basal body temperature, so that ovulation can be properly tracked
  5. Address any other factors that may be affecting fertility, including environmental toxins, lifestyle, and stress levels
Acupuncture for fertility can be included in the program (and is highly recommended!).

Pregnancy Nutrition in Toronto

Coping with all the many changes your body goes through during pregnancy can be a struggle. Allow us to guide you through this journey trimester, by trimester right up to birth.
What We Will Do:
  1. Evaluate current dietary intake
  2. Provide a comprehensive and customized dietary plan for each trimester
  3. Provide solutions for dealing with various common symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, heartburn, high blood pressure and headaches
  4. Offer acupuncture to ease the common symptoms – nausea, headaches, back pain
  5. Assist with natural birth planning, if requested
  6. Acupuncture can be a natural solution for a breech-positioned baby, inducing labour, and alleviating labour pain.

Early Childhood Nutrition Toronto

From birth to your baby’s first birthday, we can help your baby (and you) get off to the right start with nutrition. Many nutrition and health-related questions come up in this first year. Including how to promote breast milk production? What if breastfeeding isn’t possible, what’s my next best option? How do you prevent colic? How to prevent diaper rash, cradle cap and baby eczema? When to begin solid foods?
What We Will Do:
  1. Assess the dietary intake of the mother, if breastfeeding, to ensure optimal nutrition for both mom and baby
  2. Acupuncture can improve lactation, ease post-partum depression, and re-establish your menstrual cycle
  3. Assist in formula selection, if breastfeeding isn’t possible
  4. Help to troubleshoot any health issues for baby as needed, such as colic, eczema, or reflux.
  5. Provide a detailed plan for solid-food introduction that introduces a variety of foods for your baby (to reduce pickiness) without hindering their digestive systems. We can guide you through traditional weaning (feeding purees), or our method of Gradual Baby Led Weaning.

Childhood & Teen Nutrition in Toronto

We would love to continue working with your family, beyond your child’s first birthday and would be happy to help you with:
  1. Subsequent pregnancies
  2. Nutrition for picky toddlers
  3. Nutrition for the developing brain
  4. Healthy School lunches and snacks
  5. Nutrition for Teens
  6. PMS in Teens
  7. Anxiety in Children and Teens
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