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It is our goal and mission to help EVERYONE experience a higher level of health.

To achieve this, we are skilled in two core health-giving modalities – acupuncture and nutrition.

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Two core health-giving modalities

Acupuncture & Nutrition

Acupuncture is new for most people

Although acupuncture has been around for over two millennia, acupuncture is a new experience for most people. At Essential Balance, we describe every step involved in acupuncture, from explaining how our “10 Questions” on your first visit help us to evaluate what is really going on inside of you, to clarifying the purpose each inserted needle performs.

We do not just insert needles; instead, we believe in educating our clients on how acupuncture is helping them. At Essential Balance, we go way beyond traditional acupuncture, as we work to transform the way clients recover from pain, stress and engage in beauty treatments. Our ambition is to inspire acupuncture into the 21st century attitude.

Nutrition is our fuel

We all do it, every day – we eat. At Essential Balance, we are passionate about real food and real nourishment. We take pride in supporting our clients as they transition from a diet that does not serve their health goals. With inspiration, email support and food workshops, we educate and motivate our clients to make life-changing upgrades to their daily food.

We all have time constraints, cuisine biases, and palate preferences; regardless of where and how you are feeding yourself, we can teach you how to upgrade your nutrition to improve your vitality.

We are wellness and balance

Essential Balance is more than just health, more than the feeling of relief and more than the invigoration of beauty.
It’s a state of well-being and a state of balance.
We're trained in multiple holistic healing modalities

Who we are

Meet Eileen fauster

Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac), Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Certified Iridologist (C.Ir), Motivational Speaker and Plant-Based Food Expert.

My Experience

My interest in nutrition started as a teen athlete to improve my performance in long distance running.

My passion for health and wellness continued to develop throughout university, but at the time there weren’t any Nutrition schools in Canada. Instead, I studied economics and after graduation, entered the corporate world.  

Twenty years on, after being downsized from my corporate employer, I decided it was time to follow my passion. Working by day, I studied nutrition in the evenings.  I was so engrossed in my studies, I had to force myself to close my nutrition books by 11pm. My intense studying paid off; I completed a 2-year course in 9 months, graduating with high honours.

After graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2007, I created Essential Balance Holistic Services.

Shortly after opening my practice, I realized that while my clients appreciated my guidance, they often struggled to implement these new habits. They needed a passive treatment to balance and support them along their health journey.  This led me to learn acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Acupuncture and Nutrition complement each other very well.  Acupuncture can help with fertility, breech babies, sports injuries, joint pain, anxiety, sleep issues and much more.

Most view acupuncture as just an alternative health treatment, however it’s also a beauty treatment - a way to pamper yourself. This is why I combined the ancient art of facial acupuncture with the best of European-style skincare to create Vienna Mei Ren.

The Vienna Mei Ren method of acupuncture and skin treatment provides a unique and tranquil experience to improve skin tone and complexion, reduce wrinkles and increase overall health in the whole body. In a time when most women rely on injectables, the Vienna Mei Ren method offers a safe, no-side-effect, healthy alternative.

I live in Woodbridge, Ontario with my husband and beloved dogs. I continue to keep fit with martial arts training. I have been a vegan for over 15 years; I love to cook and try new recipes.  I know I have found a good recipe when my meat-eating husband enjoys the meal too.

  • Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac), graduated from Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncturist / Facial Acupuncturist, graduated from Holt School of Natural Healing
  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist, graduated with Merit of Distinction, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • Graduated from Advanced Nutrition Program with Merit of Distinction, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • Certified Iridologist, graduated with High Honours, Institute of Natural Health Technologies
  • Member in good standing, CTCMPAO, College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario
  • Canadian All-Around Champion, Chinese Martial Arts, Wing Chun
  • Bronze Medalist, World Traditional Kungfu Championships
  • Head judge in many national and international Kungfu Championships

Meet Kirsten Colella

Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and Yoga Teacher.

My Experience

I’ve always been passionate about nutrition and wellness, but I let it fall to the wayside while studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto. Then I moved onto the corporate world and became burnt out.  I was tired and sick all the time. I knew I had to take better care of myself. So, I decided to change my diet which eventually changed my life. I began to have more energy, focus and clarity. It was then I decided to follow my passion and become a nutritionist.

Then three kids, a move to the country, and a pandemic later I realized something was still missing. Dealing with the stress of life had once again taken a toll on my health. My mental health. Healthy living is not just about what we eat, but also how we move, think and breathe. This is when I decided to become a yoga teacher. 

A truly holistic approach to health includes the mind, the body, and the soul. Integrating the science of nutrition and the ancient practice of yoga is what keeps me balanced. Now my goal is to help other exhausted and busy women reclaim their energy so they can achieve their goals without sacrificing their health. I have created a specialized program that brings together yoga, nutrition, journaling, herbal medicine and more, to help participants recover from burn-out. You can learn more about this program here.

Another part of my practice is working with parents of children with disabilities by sharing both my knowledge of nutrition and experience as a parent. My daughter is non-verbal and on the autism spectrum. Seeing first-hand how nutrition made a difference in her life was the other reason I became a nutritionist. You can read more about our story by clicking the link here.

I live on a farm in Durham, Ontario with my husband and three kids, where we raise chickens and grow as much of our own food as possible. I love my busy life – being a mom, a wife, a nutritionist, a yoga teacher, and a homesteader, but I also love my downtime which usually involves a cup of herbal tea and a good book.

  • The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, First Class Honours
  • Aura Wellness Center, Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (200 hours)

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