Tuina Acupressure and Acupuncture

Acupressure stimulation (in Chinese: Tui-na) is a powerful body treatment.
Tuina uses various kneading, rolling and pressing techniques to stimulate the acupuncture points on the body. This gets the energy moving in the meridians (energy pathways) and the muscles. The combined treatment of tuina followed by acupuncture is very effective in opening blocked meridians.

Depending on your unique individual needs, we will consult with you to recommend the best therapies aligned with your healing goals.

Did You Know?
Tuina Acupuncture treatments are covered by most health coverage plans

What are the benefits of Tuina?

Tuina acupressure stimulation techniques may aid in the treatment of acute and chronic muscle and joint conditions, as well as reduce stress and promote relaxation.It is especially effective for:

  • joint pain
  • arthritis
  • sciatica
  • pain in the back, neck, and shoulders
  • insomnia
  • headaches / migraines
As with other TCM treatments, tuina may also prevent problems, not just correct them. By keeping the body's energy in balance, health is maintained - physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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