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Sports Nutrition

Fitness without nutrition is just a lot of sweat and hard work.

As a registered holistic nutritionist with expertise in sports nutrition and helping athletes of every calibre, from weekend warrior to the Olympic level, Eileen of Essential Balance can help you reach your athletic goals through strong nutritional education and support.

Train Hard. Be Nourished.

Sports Nutrition Support

  • Full nutritional, training and lifestyle assessment
  • A personalized, realistic and workable eating plan
  • An increase in your daily energy and sport performance
  • Correct balancing of your nutrition regarding carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats
  • Education and nutritional advice on the efficacy of supplements and adaptogens
  • Meals / snacks planning and preparation, with a focus on easy-to-prepare, tasty recipes
  • How to make better choices when eating out
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

Realize Your Goals

Regardless of your type of sport, athletic condition, or current nutritional level, Eileen can help you:

  • Break through plateaus
  • Reduce your recovery time
  • Bring your sport performance to the next level

With experience on both sides - as a holistic sports nutritionist and world class sport competitor - Eileen can help you achieve your fitness goals!

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