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Natural Weight Loss Program

There are plenty of small but powerful changes you can make that add up to permanent weight loss success.

At Essential Balance, you will receive an individualized natural weight loss program that:

  • provides plenty of enjoyable choices,
  • helps you avoid common food and lifestyle pitfalls,
  • helps you regain an interest in physical activity, and
  • teaches you how to develop a healthier, more satisfying relationship with food.

Natural Weight Loss Program & Counseling Through In Person Sessions or Skype

Your Personalized Natural Weight Loss Program Will:

  • improve metabolism and get your digestion system working more efficiently
  • correct hormonal imbalances, which will improve mood, skin-tone and support weight-loss
  • provide you with a workable food program, including guidance on developing new food shopping & food planning routines
  • teach you about the importance of hydration, fluids and water in regaining health, removing toxins, achieving and maintaining your goal body weight
  • help you to attain and maintain your desired weight and health goals

With regular guidance and support via in-person sessions and Skype, you will regain an overall feeling of being in control again and a balanced sense of well-being.

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