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We offer a variety of tailored acupuncture treatment programs for complete inside-out healing

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Each program is customized to your unique needs


Cellulite Treatment

Smoother skin of the legs and buttocks
The unfortunate causes of cellulite - subcutaneous fat, water retention and aging of connective tissue - are a stubborn trio to overcome. Our program to reduce and eliminate cellulite incorporates a full-spectrum strategy: acupuncture, cupping, nutritional assessment and improvement, lifestyle changes and all with full email support between sessions to ensure effective implementation.

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Detox & Cleanses

Clean your insides out and start feeling great
Are your daily and weekend food habits cleansing or clogging you? What are you doing daily and weekly to clean your insides? Maybe you need a hard-core detox to kick-start a more cleansed interior. Learn what foods are working for you and which foods you need to avoid, as you create more cleansing habits to attain your health goals.

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Boost your fertility naturally
Our comprehensive program includes nutritional guidance for maximum nutrient intake, combined with acupuncture treatments, and full email support between treatments. Effectual on its own, orfollow our program as an adjunct to IUI and IVF medical treatments. We have a high success rate in helping couples conceive and experience a healthy pregnancy.

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Iridology Whole-Body Assessment

Whole body assessment through your eyes
The colours and shapes of the iris can describe what is going on inside you, including assessment of your digestive, bowel, hormonal, and immune functions. The non-invasive nature of iridology makes it especially appealing for those who keen to know their body’s strengths and weaknesses, without invasive medical procedures or side effects.

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Alopecia – thinning hair

A multi-tiered program to create fuller, healthier hair
For women who are experiencing thinning hair, we offer a natural and permanent solution to encourage hair regrowth. Not only do we work on increasing the quantity of hair, but also the quality and strength of the existing hair. Increase your self-confidence by improving your health and your hair.

Adrenal Support Program

Overcome fatigue; feel energized
Your hormonal balance plays a pivotal role in how energized you feel. For those who are feeling burnt out and/or unable to cope with the many responsibilities and pressures, acupuncture and a personalized food plan can strengthen you by balancing your various hormone groups (adrenal, reproductive, thyroid, pineal, etc) so that you can go through your day energized.

Holistic Workplace Wellness

Learning about health at work
Health and wellness have become common themes in HR Departments, as organizations and corporations strive to encourage healthy food and lifestyle habits among their staff. At Essential Balance, we can provide your team, department or satellite office with a half-day of team-building exercises (pardon the pun), to teach and encourage the group on the why’s and how’s of including healthier habits into their daily routines. Just looking for a one-hour seminar, or multi-regional webinar, we can do that too!

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Eileen Fauster is certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac). She offers nutrition, cupping therapy and acupuncture treatment in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Etobicoke, North York, Woodbridge, and the GTA.

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