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Summer Health 4-Session Package (reg. $480, now $395)
It’s summer! As Canadians we all look forward to this time of year, which feels so great and passes so quickly. For some of us, we need to do some preparation to look and feel our best, even during this easy-breezy season.

At Essential Balance, we have a Summer Health Plan to help you enjoy your summer to the fullest, which includes:

1. Personalized nutritional review and guidance on what your body needs
2. Easy-to-incorporate lifestyle upgrades to ensure you feel better today and every day going forward
3. Acupuncture to cool the blood and release excess heat from the body. As needed, acupuncture is combined with wet cupping, in which tiny cuts are made into the skin prior to the cupping treatment to release excess heat. Acupuncture can help anyone improve their overall immune function.

The 4-session package consists of four weekly 1-hour sessions with email support throughout - reg. $480, now $395!. Call 416-885-5558 or click to book an appointment.
10% Off Candida Cleansing! (reg. $200, now $180)
Do you feel bloated? Have constant sugar and carb cravings? Lack focus?
Clearing out Candida can increase energy, boost immunity, reduce yeast infections and improve memory. Your candida cleansing protocol will include:

- Candida testing
- Candida 30-day protocol, with guidelines, recipes and sample menu plan
- unlimited email and text support for the duration of the Candida 30-day protocol

Call 416-885-5558 or click to book an appointment.
Iridology Treatment - Highly Recommended ($180)
Are you frustrated with medical testing methods and diagnosis? Have you ever left the doctor’s office (or a hospital emergency), only to be told that you are fine, when everything still hurts? Then an iridology assessment may be what you are looking for.
The coloured part of your eye, called the iris, is a reflection of all that is going on in your body. The different shapes, colours and fibers are indicative of your overall state of health, including the strengths and weaknesses of organ systems and tissues within the body. A trained iridologist can decipher what the shapes and colours of your iris (plus the shape of your pupils, and colours in your sclera) are saying about your health. A 60-minute session is non-invasive and highly enlightening.

At Essential Balance, an iridology session includes:

- Assessment of your iris using a high-power lens, and then using a camera, pictures of your iris are taken and downloaded onto a laptop for review together.
- TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) assessment, including pulse and tongue analysis
- Discussion of your inherent strengths and weaknesses
- Nutritional review and discussion, with food guidelines for going forward to improve your health
- We follow up with a written summary within 24 hours.
- The cost is $180; the session lasts approx. 60 minutes
- If you have extended healthcare coverage from your employer, this may be covered.

Call 416-885-5558 or click to book an appointment.

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$85 OFF our 4-Session Summer Health Plan! (reg. $480, now $395) Learn more or Book Now.