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December 22, 2022
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food sensory issues
Is Your Child’s Picky Eating Related to Food Sensory Issues?
December 22, 2022
Superfood in the Spotlight: The Benefit of Cinnamon
February 20, 2023

10 Tips for Skin Care in the Winter That Keep You Radiant All Year Long

Even though you are taking care of your skin all year round, during the winter months, you need to amp it up even more.  As you know, winter is rough on the skin!

In addition to the (obvious) solution of “moisturize more”, here are some tips for skin care in the winter season to protect your skin and keep it soft and glowing during the colder months and all year long.

It is well known that dry air leads to dry skin.  Even if you have a humidifier, the list below includes some creative methods to introduce more moisture into the air.

Heed as many tips as you can; your skin will thank you!

Here are 10 tips for skin care in the winter season that keep you radiant all year long:

1. Shower with the door open. This allows steam to reach other areas of your home and re-hydrate the air. Just be sure to leave your vent fan off, otherwise it will suck all that moist air away.

2. Place a small bowl of warm water in the main rooms of your home. As the warm air rises and evaporates, it will add more moisture to the air.

3. Let your clothes air dry. Instead of using a clothes dryer, simply hang your clothes on a drying rack, which will release moisture into the air. This will improve the humidity level in your home.

4. Take advantage of your dishwasher. Once the drying cycle hits, just crack open the dishwasher door. This will allow steam to escape as your dishes air dry, again re-hydrating the air around you.

5. Welcome houseplants. Plants increase humidity in the air. as water is evaporated into the air from the plant leaves.

6. Wear gloves — inside and out. Of course, you are wearing gloves in the winter to keep your hands warm when it is cold outside. But you will also want to wear them indoors when you wash dishes and clean.  This will ensure that the cleaning chemicals, hot water, and dish soap will not further exacerbate the dryness you are already facing.

7. Do not take hot showers or baths.  Although a hot shower may feel wonderful, that small indulgence is wreaking havoc on your skin. The hot water can strip your skin of vital natural oils and moisture, contributing to the dryness. Instead, show/bathe in lukewarm water. When you step out of the shower, gently pat your skin dry and immediately follow up with lotion or moisturizer.

8. Always exfoliate. People often avoid exfoliating regularly during the winter as they worry it may make their skin more dry, but in fact, exfoliating is even more important this time of year because exfoliating will:

  • Remove the buildup of dry, dead skin
  • Brighten up a dull complexion
  • Prepare the skin for maximum absorption of any hydrating products you apply afterwards

However, the key is to exfoliate gently, so ensure your exfoliation formula is strong enough to get the job done, but delicate enough to preserve your skin’s integrity.

9. Always wear sunscreen when you are outdoors. Even though it is cold outside, the sun and its UV rays can penetrate clouds and windows.  So even when overcast, you will want to ensure your skin is protected.  Plus, the sun’s rays easily reflect off of snow and ice, which puts you at continued risk of sunburn, wrinkling and premature aging.

10. The most important nutrient for your skin is drinking a minimum of 2.5 liters of pure water (not carbonated) every day, and this will ensure that you are moisturizing your skin from the inside – excellent for maintaining skin care in the winter.


Eileen Fauster is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Acupuncturist. Eileen began specializing in facial acupuncture and skincare in 2011 and founded the Vienna Mei Ren methodology for facial acupuncture in 2018. By addressing the underlying root causes of health imbalances, such as digestive, hormonal, and stress, the Vienna Mei Ren method of facial acupuncture and skin care can diminish the visible, cosmetic signs related to aging.  The result is a total health, beauty, and wellness experience.  You can learn more about facial acupuncture online at Essential Balance and at Vienna Mei Ren.

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